Shannon Technologies

Description of Pre-Production Prototypes


The pre-production prototypes (designated "SM" for "surface mount"), contains a delay circuit module constructed with surface mount technology and was built using a Federal-Mogul 550 flasher base/switch. It is intended to be a pre-production prototype which we constructed for testing purposes. It is constructed in a clear canister to allow viewing of the module - which we are considering may actually constitute an enhancement feature in production models to allow the customer to see that he is really getting something extra for the price.

PreProduction1Delay Circuit Timing

On certain demonstration models, the delay is jumpered for about 15 seconds or pulses for illustration. This current model is designed for jumper settings from 15 to 120 seconds or flashes. It is in a disc configuration to fit into a thermal flasher or electronic flasher utilizing a cylindrical-designed canister. However, the module can be made into a square or rectangle configuration to fit into electronic or solid state flashers utilizing canisters of such configuration. The delay circuit utilizes two off-the-shelf ICs - switch and timer. In manufacturing, one application specific chip (ASIC) designed to handle both functions could be utilized if further reduction in size is deemed appropriate. Note that the delay circuit also features a 'reset' circuit that starts the count over if the turn signal switch is turned 'off.'

Tone Generator

PreProduction1 The prototype was constructed using a Star Micronics TMB-12 audio transducer. If, for some reason, the TMB-12 does not meet your company's parameters in sound characterization tests, the product can be constructed with one that does. In that regard, please understand that the patent covers the use of any pure tone generator in the speech range, not just the one used in the prototype. In the event a size of TMB-12 should appear a problem, smaller tone generators are available. In production, the 'beeping' of the tone generator can be 'stuttered' to distinguish it from other alarms, for example, a back-up alarm when used in a truck application.

Sealing Method


The canister is held to the base by hot glue and the tone generator on the top of the module is also hot glued to the top of the canister. The top of the canister is a separate piece and is hot glued to the canister. This type of canister construction is intended only for the test modules and not for production models. A single-piece, molded, clear plastic canister is planned.