Shannon Technologies


Welcome to Shannon Technologies. We are a technology development and design Company with patents, interests or developments in such diverse areas as automotive controls and medical instruments. It is a synthesis of the experiences of its founder, Malcolm L. Shannon, Jr., that were obtained from his involvement of over 40 years with various scientific oriented business organizations and endeavors. In its activities, the Company utilizes the expertise of various colleagues of Mr. Shannon as well as his son, Travis Shannon, who focuses on the areas of computer science and biochemistry. The Company also has developed strategic alliances with certain other companies that possess capabilities and know-how in specialized areas.

This web site introduces a family of bipolar electrosurgical medical instruments invented and patented by the Company to be used in performing uvulopalatoplasty for the treatment of simple snoring and in some cases of obstructive sleep apena. A patent also covers the method of performing uvulopalatoplasty with any of the devices. The devices were designed in consultation with Steven B. Aragon, DDS/MD who has a practice in oral surgery and otolaryngology, James W. Heller, a medical engineer and another otolaryngologist. These devices are designed to provide a low-cost alternative to other treatments or devices. Versions of the device are fully disposable while another features a reusable handle and disposable barrels. The devices are designed to be plug-compatible with electrosurgical generators that otolaryngologists and maxillofacial surgeons have in their offices or have access to in day-surgery clinics. We invite you to read the Report and look at the patents.