Shannon Technologies


Malcolm L. Shannon, Jr. - Methuen, Massachusetts
Education: B.B.A.(with two years Mechanical Engineering), University of New Mexico - 1968
Juris Doctor, University of New Mexico - 1971
Experience: For over 40 years, held legal or management positions with either entrepreneurial companies or Fortune 100 companies (Phillips Petroleum, Chevron). In the early 1970s was Co-Founder and Co-Director (together with Dr. Robert Reines) of ILS Labs engaged in practical-focused research and the construction of the ILS facility that was entirely powered by solar and wind power. In a front page article appearing March 18, 1975, the Wall Street Journal stated that ILS was "Leading the Pack." This article was recently referenced and excerpted in the November 12, 2013 WSJ special Report entitled, "Energy" in the "From the Archives" column at page R3. He was licensed to practice law in Colorado, New Mexico and California (now inactive status) and Texas (1981 - 1982).. For 15 years, he held the position of Counsel for General Atomics, a high tech company, which is currently best known as the manufacturer of the Predator unmanned aerial vehicle. As one of his duties for GA, Mr. Shannon was one of the negotiators of the final agreement implementing the program to decommission and down-blend 20,000 Russian nuclear warheads which have provided half of the fuel for US nuclear powerplants for the past 20 years. In March of 2007, he retired from General Atomics and became the Vice President of U.S. Operations for WildHorse Energy, an Australian-based uranium development company until February 2012.  His pioneering work in the early 1970s with ILS labs was featured by Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal, Canada, exhibition entitled “1973, Sorry, Out of Gas” - November 2007 – April 2008 and the book of same title.  In late 2011 he relocated to the Greater Boston Area which is one of the centers of the medical device and products industry to pursue the development of the medical patents held by Shannon Technologies.
Travis A. Shannon - Pleasanton, California
Education: MBA, F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College - 2005
B.S. Biochemistry, Hobart and William Smith Colleges - 1999
B.S. Computer Science, Hobart and William Smith Colleges - 1999
Experience: In 1996 he conducted independent research in tobacco genetics under a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Grant at Hobart College. In 1998 as a student research fellow under an American Cancer Society Fellowship, he conducted research at the Eleanor Roosevelt Institute, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, in computer gene prediction and verification on human chromosome 21 and was part of the team to discover a new gene designated Boettcher 1. For several years he worked as a software engineer in the financial and consulting industries. He also served as the president of Echowaves, Inc., a small software and website development company. Travis attended the F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College, graduating with his MBA degree in 2005. During the summer of 2004, he interned in the Technology Transfer Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Currently he is the Vice President of Information for Leisure Sports, Inc., a management company in the fitness and hospitality industries. Travis' project for Leisure Sports, teamed with Pelican Wireless, received a CIO Magazine Top 100 Award for 2011.
Steven B. Aragon - Denver, Colorado
Education: M.D. University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, Texas - 1988
D.D.S. University of Colorado School of Dentistry (cum laude) - 1980
B.A. University of Colorado - 1976
Experience: Steve is currently in private practice in Oral and Maxilliofacial Surgery as well as Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery with offices in Englewood, Colorado. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Otolaryngology and Board certified in Otolaryongology and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Diplomate of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Diplomate of the American Board of Otolaryngology) and he is currently a member of eight professional organizations including the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He is currently appointed at ten area hospitals. Dr. Aragon has participated in over ten research projects and co-authored or authored 29 publications and has given over 50 lectures and presentations which include numerous presentations on sleep disorders.
James W. Heller - Denver, Colorado
Education: M.S. Electrical Engineering, George Washington University - 1977
B.S. Electrical Engineering, Union College - 1975
Experience: Mr. Heller has over 25 years of medical device research and development experience as a medical engineer with a record of successful product innovation with such companies as Welch Allyn, Inc., Eli Lilly & Co., Cochlear Corporation and Colorado MedTech. His positions with those companies include those of Director of Research, Program Director and Project Manager. He was formerly President of Ideatics, Inc. which offered medical device consulting services. Dr. Aragon and Mr. Malcolm Shannon, Jr. served as members of the Advisory Board of Ideatrics. He was formerly a Program Manager with a global electrosurgical company. Mr. Heller is a licensed Professional Engineer and a Senior Member of IEEE. He has six patents and has authored 18 publications.