Shannon Technologies


Time Delay Alarm

Beginning in the 1990's, both General Motors and Chrysler higher-priced vehicles with certain model body computers have internally incorporated turn signal warning circuits that will sound if the turn signal is left on for an extended period of time.

One embodiment of our device covered by the patent is a simple plug-in replacement for the ordinary turn signal flasher unit which incorporates such a time delay/warning feature. It fits within an ordinary sized canister of either round or square configuration (to facilitate manufacture and ease of installation) and is further enhanced by our unique audiological design feature - which will be discussed below.

The feature works equally well with a thermal (either variable or fixed load) or a solid state switch.

Audiological Design

Generally, this patented feature addresses the changing demographics in America and the associated prevalence of hearing loss as well as enhances the ability of all persons to hear the turn signal flasher/alarm in the presence of background noise.

The text of the patent (pages 5 and 6) describes why our device is an improvement over any on the market today, including the "Loud" flashers currently manufactured by Tridon and Ideal/Parker Hannifin, which technically generate noise.

This is further described in a two-page paper entitled, AUDIOLOGICAL PRINCIPLES APPLICABLE TO THE SHANNON/HELLER AUDIBLE TURN SIGNAL CANISTER UNIT, PATENT NO. 5,218,340 which is a revision of one of the supporting documents filed in the patenting process. We believe that the additional drawings that did not appear in the Patent help explain the principles a bit better.

This paper might also provide some ideas for marketing literature and/or packaging text should your company reach an agreement with us on the patent.

Essentially, the key audiological element of the patent is that the solution is not a louder sound, but rather, the selection of the appropriate waveform.

None of the flashers on the market contain this patented feature along with the delay feature!