Shannon Technologies

Market Potential

Based upon medical and industry statistics (see the Information section) regarding the number of persons with hearing loss in America, the general assistive listening device and signaling systems markets appears to be significant. Further, the safety device is also applicable to the entire automotive aftermarket. We have been advised that the normal replacement/aftermarket for flashers is between 5 to 6 million units per year. The number of persons purchasing flashers as assistive listening devices (once they are available) to replace their normal flashers should be in addition to those figures.

While attempts to initially break into the OEM market would be difficult, there is a segment of the market supported by the OEMs where the invention would appear to be a direct fit. Efforts will be made to have the product qualified for inclusion in the GM Mobility Program, GM Fleet Programs and Chrysler Automobility Program. (For example, in the past, the GM Mobility Program would reimburse up to $1,000 to cover the cost of purchase and installation of vehicle alerting devices when installed for hard-of-hearing drivers. This is also applicable to fleet vehicles under the Program or the National Fleet Incentive Program.) Early inclusion in one or more of these programs could serve as one foundation to introduce the product and provide a springboard to the larger markets.

Depending upon how the device is marketed it can be both a higher-priced specialty item as well as a commodity item.

Beyond the auto parts store market, we believe that the addition of certain embodiments of our safety device to your company's product line to be marketable in the following situations:

  1. As a lowcost, factory or dealer installed option on the lines of new vehicles, whether Ford, GM or Chrysler, that do not include a computer-incorporated warning circuit;
  2. As a lowcost, dealer, garage or owner installed option or accessory for older vehicles where the owners would like to add such a feature to "update" their car, truck, recreational vehicle or van; and
  3. As a lowcost, factory, dealer or owner installed option or accessory for fleet applications (whether rental or owner/operated) where those trucks or cars are operated in the presence of higher than normal background noise.

The enhanced safety aspects of the scientifically designed (and patented) audiological feature would be used as an added selling point for these installations.

In addition to the above-mentioned aftermarket, there is probably a small potential in the more severely hearing-impaired market for custom-tailoring frequency selection to address a customer's specific personal hearing loss.

Possible Arrangements

Possible arrangements regarding the device include entering into a traditional licensing agreement to enable your company to manufacture and sell the devises covered by the patent. A sale of the patent would also be considered.

In addition, we would also be most interested in exploring other teaming arrangements where we, along with Linear, would develop and manufacture the modules for use by your company in its flasher line or, if it is within the capabilities of your company, you could supply the bases, switches and certain other components to us for assembly incorporating our modules. We would undertake marketing on our own or market in a teaming arrangement with your company. Of course, there could be other variations.


We are hoping that once you have the opportunity to review the details of our attached patent and other materials, you will be equally enthusiastic about its potential as a safety device for all drivers, not just those with some level of hearing impairment.

If such is the case and you believe that it would assist you in further evaluation of our devices, we can arrange to send you one of the pre-production prototypes for your inspection. In addition, Jim and/or I would be pleased to meet with you to discuss the prototypes, a further explanation of the principles involved and the novel features of the devices as well as potential business arrangements.