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Autoparts Patents

Audiologically Enhanced Turn Signal - A new turn signal canister unit addresses the unsafe driving condition caused when the turn signal is inadvertently left on because the driver cannot, due to background noise and/or hearing impairment, hear the "click" of the turn signal flasher. After a time delay, the unit emits an alarm to warn the driver in a pure tone located in the mid-speech frequency range in order to be more readily heard.

The following patent applications have been obtained covering the products and procedure:

  1. U.S. Patent No. 5,218,340 - Audible Turn Signal Canister Unit

Medical Device Patents

This site describes unique single-use and multiple-use bipolar electrosurgical handpieces intended for use in specific otolaryngological office or day-surgery procedures, namely, uvulopalatoplasty for treatment of primary (or simple) snoring and, possibly, less severe cases of obstructive sleep apnea. Hand-built prototypes of various embodiments of the product have been constructed. Various models demonstrate basic electrosurgical functionality and mechanical functionality. At this time, no 510(k) submission or application for an Investigative Device Exemption have been filed with the FDA.

The following patents applications have been obtained in the name of Malcolm L. Shannon, Jr. covering the products and procedure:

  1. U.S. Patent No. 5,921,983 - Electrosurgical Device for Uvulopalatoplasty - (Method)
  2. U.S. Patent No. 6,193,716 - Electrosurgical Device for Uvulopalatoplasty - (Devices)
  3. U. S. Patent No. Des. 401,350 - Electrosurgical Device

The devices and method provide a more cost effective method of performing this established and effective surgical procedure. The devices are intended to be used with the standard electrosurgical power generators (with bipolar modes, preferably, macro-bipolar) currently used in the offices of otolaryngologists as well as other medical practitioners. We are currently exploring development of small compact electrosurgical generators specifically designed for use with the devices and methodology which will likely have a cost advantage over standard generators.